This handmade azabache is one of a kind. It has been spiritually blessed for your protection from mal de ojo or envy, jealousy, and ill intentions. It can be worn around the neck, ankle or wrist. Before wearing the azabache, use the Sunflower Bruja’s “Lukumisa Soap” to cleanse your aura. Follow these steps for best results.

1. First say this with me, “I am DIVINE. I am WORTHY. I am LOVE.” Say it as many times as you need to really feel it deep in your Spirit. Asé.

2. Now, let’s get to the juicy part! I recommend this cleansing ritual to be done right before going to bed. It’s important to set clear intentions. Light a white non-scented candle in the area where you will shower.

3. This should be the last step before you finish your shower. Rub soap between your palms then apply to your body. As you lather your body, pray for cleansing, set the intentions out loud.

4. As you wash away the soap, envision the water taking away any heaviness, any low vibrational energy that does not belong to your being.

5. Do this for three nights and wear white or light colors after to bed. Most importantly, cover your head in white.

6. You may wear the azabache once you have completed the three nights of cleansing.

7. I recommend to journal or voice record to reflect on whatever may be coming up for you during and after your cleansing. It is normal to have vivid dreams. Pay attention to the details of those dreams. There may be important messages for you.

8. Lastly, Scan the QR code below to gain access to my instagram account and my tarot booking site! I’d be happy to hear from you. Remember, you are DIVINE. Your are WORTHY. Your are LOVE.